Franchising: protect your brand!


When you think of the word “franchise” what comes to mind? Most people will have an understanding of what a franchise is, and many individuals have aspirations of seeing their currently small independent business being rolled out in towns and cities across the UK or even further afield. But where do you start? In this article, the MIA’s trusted intellectual property partner, Briffa, gives you some guidance and tips…

If you look at the high street, what do you think makes these large franchises successful? Yes their product is in demand, and yes they have invested a considerable amount of time and money to build up their business – but what about their brand?

When thinking about delving into the world of franchising you should start by ensuring that your brand is protected. You may already have a trade mark registered, but are there any other key logos, phrases or products that are essential to your business?

You should also consider whether any registered trade marks you currently own give you adequate protection for your brand. Over time, it is only natural for a business to expand and grow, but if you are not maintaining your trade mark portfolio you may have gaps that make your brand vulnerable.

Briffa are experts in all aspects of trade mark law and practice, and can assist you whether you are starting your trade mark portfolio, expanding and managing your trade marks or enforcing your rights.

Whether you are thinking about franchising your business in the future, or ready to take the step now, don’t forget that MIA members benefit from a free thirty minute consultation and special rates on all intellectual property and general commercial matters. Contact for the details if you’d like someone to ease your legal headache!