SONTRONICS PODCAST PRO dynamic microphone

At the recent NAMM Show, British microphone brand and MIA Member Sontronics not only celebrated their 15th birthday but also announced their new Sontronics Podcast Pro. Developed and hand-built in Sontronics’ Dorset HQ, it’s a dynamic mic designed specifically with podcast, broadcast, radio, voiceover and gaming applications in mind…

The company, founded in 2004 and launched at the 2005 NAMM Show by Trevor Coley, has gone from strength to strength, winning multiple awards and growing its product range over the years, and the new Podcast Pro promises to bring the brand in front of a whole new audience.

“I’ve been working on this mic for nearly two years,” Coley explains, “as we have had increasing numbers of people asking us which of our mics works well for podcasting. The answer was ‘nearly all of them’, but we realised it would make sense to create something that fitted the application and the audience perfectly, so the Podcast Pro was born.

“So much of today’s podcast, voiceover and gamer video content would benefit from much better sound quality in an affordable mic, so that became my mission. I’m proud to say that, in Podcast Pro, we’ve created a mic that produces professional, broadcast-quality results with no plosives, no sibilance and no side spill, which is so important when recording group podcasts or interviewing guests. Initial tests with experienced podcasters and radio producers has been absolutely amazing… basically everyone who’s tried one has ordered at least one!”

Available in red or black, and with an introductory street price of just £99, the Sontronics Podcast Pro has a tightly focused supercardioid pickup pattern, giving excellent clarity and depth with superb side rejection. Its three layers of internal protection and integrated fine-mesh pop filter provide superb control of extraneous noise or rumble and also help control unwanted sibilance or plosives. The Podcast Pro is guaranteed to give superb professional-quality results on any spoken (or sung) voice, whether in a professional radio studio or in a home or even mobile set-up. Like all Sontronics mics, Podcast Pro is protected by their unique Lifetime Warranty too.

Whether you’re recording for podcast, radio, voiceover or even capturing instruments, the Podcast Pro will deliver the best results, every time.

If you’re interested in stocking the Podcast Pro or you’re looking for a quality solution for your own podcast, broadcast or voiceover needs, contact the Sontronics team and get on the waiting list – the first production run will be available mid-February. This is the hottest product in audio right now, so be on trend and be on that list!

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