Arts Council England publish advice on musical instruments


Many of you will remember the government ¬£40million Musical Instrument Fund that the MIA was involved in a few years ago. Music Services (as they were then called) were all given amounts of money to purchase instruments to support the Wider Opportunities programme…

You may also recall that this money had to be spent very quickly, not always resulting in the best instrument purchasing decisions…!

As you would expect, many of these instruments are now at the end of their useful life, and the MIA and MusicMark were invited to a meeting with Arts Council England last year to discuss thoughts on a project to assess the instruments that were in the Music Hubs and guidance for next steps.

Certainly we have all pressed the case for the government to support a new Fund for Musical Instruments (we shall wait and see!)

In the meantime, the Arts Council have collated data from the hubs in regards stocks of instruments and have subsequently issued a report offering guidance on a range of subjects including:

  • Purchasing new instruments (we are pleased to see positive encouragement about the reasons to buy QUALITY instruments)
  • Maintaining and repairing instruments (a critical role, many Hubs no longer have a dedicated person and we stressed the opportunity to better use the local music shop)
  • Getting rid of redundant stock
  • Sharing and swapping stock with fellow Music Hubs

The report is below, please let us know of any thoughts? –

ACE Instrument Storage Purchasing Maintenance Guidance March 2020