COVID-19: Business Insurance message from MIA Partner, Cover Notes


Cover Notes have been working with the Music Industry and are the chosen Business Insurance partner of the MIA for over 20 years. In that time we have helped to support Musical Instrument Retailers, Wholesalers, Manufacturers, Piano Tuners, Teaching Schools, Repair Workshops, Recording Studios or Allied Trades specific to the Music Industry – pretty much anything musical!

Are you covered?  

Probably not, in most cases. Insurers tend to cover stuff that occurs regularly (Fire, Theft, Flood etc.) because they can work out what to charge for it.

We have set up a dedicated web page on our general site – please refer to for latest info, which we will keep up to date as far as possible.

Please keep records of what is going on in case you need to substantiate any possible claim under any Government assistance scheme that may be set up.

Look for a Silver Lining – Lend out instruments?

With lots of potentially bored people there is an opportunity for retailers to lend out instruments to allow the public to have a go.  Obviously, this is a long-term strategy for the industry.

Most of our Cover Notes clients already have cover for instruments loaned out as standard and, provided the necessary checks are done prior to hire, (i.e credit/debit card swipe /proof of ID) the policy should cover them. Ring and check with us first.

Policy Overview

Policies are legal documents and can be interpreted in different ways – we will try to look at those wordings of MIA members who are not already insured via Cover Notes, Obviously this will be time consuming so if you want us to take a look please email us on

Financial Stuff – Where has my money / my pension gone?

Our associate firm deals with investment work and we have been taking calls from investment clients who are (naturally) concerned about how their investments are faring; our take on  the economic and investment aspects is outlined in the following article on our website:

Those of you who are not clients but are worried are welcome to send us a quick message via our website and we will get back to you.