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The MIA’s sustainability series is the place that we share inspiring initiatives from the UK and beyond that are great examples of responsible manufacture and protecting the environment. Today, we are highlighting and celebrating MIA member the British Band Instrument Company (BBICO)…

Business sustainability is more important than ever. Not just because of the obvious importance of conserving the planet, but also because of the increasing expectations of corporate responsibility. The consumer decision-making process is changing. The people purchasing your products will consider the environmental impact that they will have by investing in your brand over another.

So, here is our second case study in a regular series which will highlight and celebrate companies who are leading the way in sustainable initiatives. (You can see our first blog on Warwick Music Group and their pInstrument rage here)

Today, we look at MIA Member BBICO, their edgware range, and the steps they are taking to reduce their impact on the environment…

edgware by BBICO
The Musical Instrument Accessory Range Created For Environmentally Conscious Musicians.

Highly respected British Band Instrument Company (BBICO), best known for its global business success, has announced a green and ethical range of instrument maintenance products that will minimise environmental impact.

edgware by BBICO is the new brand name for a natural range of non-toxic products designed to resonate with environmentally conscious musicians across the globe.

Working with one of the UK’s leading suppliers of natural products, BBICO has created a safe alternative to traditionally used petroleum, mineral oil based or manmade synthetic oils, that are damaging to our already fragile planet.

There are also significant health benefits that can be attributed to this newly developed extensive range of vital accessories. Recent UK medical research attributes a 16% increase in respiratory infections developed by musicians, which are caused by a build up of bacteria in woodwind and brass instruments. Most musicians are unaware of these risks, having never been taught how to properly clean their instruments and using these new safer, natural alternatives can prevent the presence of bacteria and fungi, which are proven to lead to a higher rate of illness in these players than the general population.

edgware  brand founder, Alun Hughes says : ”During my career in the music products industry, I’ve never before been so aware of the need for a range of non-toxic, non-petroleum based lubricants and accessories. We have done considerable research to ensure that we have developed a range suitable for future generations of environmentally conscious young musicians. We are very passionate about reducing the negative impact on the world so that the joy of music making is additionally enhanced”.

The positive message that this product range purveys is underlined by its commitment to producing biodegradable, compostable and recyclable packaging that resounds with the wider population’s desire for industry to create a lesser environmental impact.

Examples of these edgware by BBICO products, manufactured to use less packaging, produce less waste and be a healthy alternative and eco-friendly are listed below.

All the oils are non-toxic, non-petroleum and non-synthetic using only natural ingredients. No more harmful unpleasant oils, only the taste of nature! Our oils are supplied with directional applicator to reduce waste and save money.

Vintage Valve Oil is a smooth, viscose, long lasting lubricant.

Regular Valve Oil is a lightweight lubricant.

Key & Rotary Valve Oil is a smooth, viscose, long lasting lubricant

Trombone Water is manufactured using laboratory grade UV filtered purified water with an added corrosion inhibitor. Designed to be used in conjunction with all market leading slide greases.

Sanitiser Spray is a revolutionary 100% natural sanitiser that kills 99.99% of all germs in 12 seconds. The Sanitiser uses Hypochlorous Acid that is produced in the human body to fight bacteria and germs, providing its anti-bacterial properties. It is skin safe and can be safely used around the eyes, ears & mouth. It can be used by children without adult supervision, is alcohol, fragrances & harmful chemical free, as well as harmless if swallowed.

Brass Soak is a uniquely formulated soak suitable for all brass instruments. The formula attacks the biofilm build-up within pipes, degreases valves & slides, and freshens with a clean citrus fragrance. This formula is safe for all forms of plating and lacquer finishes due to its neutral PH, and the anti-static agent included aids water repellence, making the next clean even easier.

Bore Oil is made in the UK from pure flower oils, including lavender grown in the UK. It allows wood to breathe, whilst moisturising its fibres, to inhibit cracking and warping whilst improving the tone.

Cork Grease is handmade in the UK from 100% natural ingredients. Non-toxic, non-petroleum and non-synthetic.

Mouthpiece Brush, Valve Brush – Trumpet/Cornet and Valve Brush – Lower Brass are high quality material brushes, with coating to prevent scratching.

Silver Polishing Cloth is made from 100% cotton in the UK.

Care Cloth is made in the UK from 100% unbleached cotton, lint free and good as new when washed.

BBICO is an organisation originally focused on the supply of military and marching bands in the Middle East and Africa. BBICO has expanded both into new countries and into the distribution of musical instruments and accessories. The company uses its knowledge, expertise and exemplary reputation in the developing world to act as a sales and marketing agent for numerous brands of music products.

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For media enquiries and for product samples of the full Edgware range please contact:

Hannah Williams, T: +44 (0)208 381 3101, M: 07730 217 340

Facebook: Edgware by BBICO

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BBICO have also written a very timely article on looking after yourself and your instrument, featuring a few of their products. This is a highly recommended read –