The Guardian: “Musicians on the bond with their instruments”

The Guardian have published a series of articles which explores the true bond that musicians have with their instruments. It highlights how meaningful the products that our industry creates, distributes and sells really are, and serves as a reminder of the impact that playing a musical instrument can have on someone’s life…

The publication started this series by discussing the bad things that can happen to instruments in transit. They interviewed five musicians who explained why the damage to their instruments went more than just skin deep.

“The loss of an instrument is about more than inconvenience or financial cost. It’s about the loss of something that can feel like an integral part of a musician’s being – it’s their means of self-expression. And after years of playing one instrument, simply swapping to another isn’t as easy as it sounds – musicians and their instruments have relationships and losing one can be as hard as losing a lover.”

You can read “Musicians on the bond with their instruments” here – where five musicians talk about the instruments they play, and what those instruments mean to them.

After this article, The Guardian published some touching stories from their readers on their own relationships with their instruments.

Here are some of our favourite quotes:

‘Selling it would be like removing part of my soul’

‘I fell in love with her at first sight’

‘It had a resonance that seemed to shimmer and be almost visible’

‘It almost feels alive at times’

‘It allows you to enjoy what you do to the fullest’

‘Choosing my piano was conversational: it spoke to me’

You can read “‘Selling it would be like removing part of my soul’: readers on the bond with their instruments” here


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