Warwick Music Online Festival

MIA Member Warwick Music Group’s team filled with teachers and parents have come up with an inspiring idea for a virtual music festival! 

Here’s a message from Steve and Kate at Warwick Music Group:

Rewarding Everyone’s Musical Success

This week, our eldest daughter Isabel was due to take her Grade 2 clarinet exam. Like so many other things, it was cancelled because of the Coronavirus. As parents, we have worked hard to support her practice, taken her to music lessons, and rehearsals with her accompanist. Her disappointment was palpable. It is hard for adults to understand what is happening, let alone children.

So, working with our amazing team at Warwick Music Group – filled with teachers and parents – we came up with the idea for an online music festival. An opportunity for Isabel, and as many other children and amateurs who wish, to perform whatever piece or pieces they have been working on – maybe something from your graded music exam, maybe something you were going to play at an end of term concert with your band, maybe something from your school recital. We don’t mind what you play – just that you enjoy making music and know that your hard work will be listened to, appreciated and recognised.

We promise that every entry we get, wherever in the world, we will watch every video, write a few comments from one of our experts and send you an official certificate to recognise your musical achievement. No winners or losers, just making music fun!

Please read the rules below and submit your entry by email before 30th June 2020 – more details here: blog.pbone.co.uk/warwick-music-online-festival

Good luck!

Steve & Kate
Warwick Music Group

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