An industry update from around Europe


Last week, the MIA joined a Conference Call with the other European Trade Bodies through the unified European trade body known as CAFIM. This was a valuable insight as to how each territory is coping with the virus and a chance to hear the common issues we will share as lock-down gets (hopefully) gradually rescinded.

I have just picked out a few comments per Country. I have omitted the UK as I think we all know where we stand at the moment! As you can imagine, the MIA are lobbying to get our music shops open again as soon as is safely possible The B&Q re-opening at the weekend indicates that things are starting to be reviewed.


  • There are still a large number of businesses without websites and they are (naturally) especially suffering
  • Schools shut until September
  • Music shops may be gradually allowed to re-open from May 18th
  • Live concerts delayed until end of year


  • Shops all shut, some manufacturers open
  • Poor levels of government support for businesses


  • Music shops due to open next week (if up to 800 square metres)
  • No music events until September
  • Schools also due to re-open next week (not music programmes)


  • Schools and music programmes to shortly re-open
  • Music programmes/projects up to a maximum of 30 musicians


  • Businesses starting to re-open
  • Live concerts moved to end of year


  • All shops remain closed for time being
  • Possibility of May 11th gradual re-opening

Czech Republic

  • A big TV campaign is being launched encouraging people to buy local and locally made products
  • Lobbying taking place to encourage government to support instruments for children’s music education

Some over-riding comments we all need to consider:

  • Concerns about lack of joined-up EU policy regards business support (for both business and employees)
  • Real concern for the lack of support for professional musicians
  • Once our shops re-open, how to maintain hygiene with instruments?
  • General touching/browsing an instrument in a shop will need to be considered
  • Will there need to be official guidance in this matter, especially wind instruments?
  • Or even the hygiene matter of rental instruments?
  • Various views about the pros and cons of territories becoming more nationalistic regards manufacturing