Can I keep my business open?


This short article is being written in response to the uncertainty that some businesses in the industry are experiencing in relation to government advice.

We are all instructed to work from home wherever this is possible. Where it is not, it is reasonable to go to our normal place of work (although social distancing rules have to be applied).

As a small example, the MIA staff are all working from home, but I have to pop into the office once a week to pick up the post and sort any phone messages. In a similar vein, every business needs to decide what is reasonable to do in order to maintain the running of their business between home and the business premises.

If we put this is terms of a small music shop:

  • the shop is naturally closed to the public
  • you may still need to go in to receive deliveries from your suppliers
  • you may still need to go in to sort instrument repairs that can’t be done from home
  • you may still need to go in to pick up and respond to any phone messages left by customers
  • you may need to go in to check the general security and appearance of the building and ensure that is not being seen by the wrong types as an opportunity!
  • you may need to check that heating etc are all working ok and that stock is not suffering (physically) from the building not being open and warm

The list is not exhaustive, but hopefully gives you the assurance that (unless things change for the worse), you may be quite right and “allowed” to “pop in” as required to ensure the safety and security and ongoing smooth running of your business in these testing times!

Paul Mc-