HR Webinar: Another Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme update!


The safety, security and management of the people working in our industry is naturally occupying a huge amount of our thinking at the moment. Today, we are pleased to bring you another Webinar in partnership with The HR Point, following further announcements from the government late last week…

Since our last update, there has been the following news. Nicky goes into more detail in the video after the information: 

The Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme has been extended to the end of June 2020

The government’s unprecedented furlough scheme that is keeping millions of people in jobs will be extended for a further month. The Chancellor confirmed this on Friday afternoon, and you can see the full announcement here:

The HMRC Portal is now open 

There is now detailed guidance on how to calculate the 80% as well as a calculator on the portal you have to use!

Key points to remember

  1. You can only claim for employees on your payroll on or before 19th March – what this means is they had to have been on an RTI you submitted on or before the 19th March.
  2. You can include employees on any type of contract – including foreign nationals on visas.
  3. They must do no work for you or any linked associations – training does not count as work

Here is the link to the guidance on how to calculate –

Useful tips that The HR Point have been given by clients that have used the portal are:

  • You need your UTR – unique Tax Reference number not PAYE number
  • Have all the details in a spreadsheet to copy and paste if claiming for under 100 employees (over 100 you can upload a spreadsheet)
  • Make sure you have:
    • Employee details including names, NI number and payroll number
    • 80% calculation of gross salary as an overall amount
    • Overall amount of Employers NI
    • Overall amount of Employer pension contributions
    • Bank account details for the payment to be made (it goes to the business not the individuals and then you need to process through payroll as normal)
  • There is an online calculator HMRC want you to use – – but it is not for all eligible employees.

Here is the Webinar! It is only 20 minutes long, and answers questions sent in by businesses in the MI industry:

Here is the Webinar in Podcast format, in case you’d like to listen to the audio on the go:

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During the webinar, Nicky mentions that The HR Point have a furlough leave agreement document available. If you are an MIA member and would like a copy of this, or any other guidance, please contact or call 01903 783584.

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