#Save Our Venues Campaign


Whilst we lobby to get our music shops re-opened as quickly as safely possible, our partners at the Music Venue Trust are launching an urgent campaign to try and secure a future for the grassroots music venues…

Music Venue Trust represents 670 independent UK music venues right across the UK and as a result of the current ‘lockdown’ and social distancing policies the prospects for many are grim. A lot of grassroots music venues were already operating on very thin margins and since these restrictions came in only 17% of them, equating to just 114, are currently secure for the next eight weeks. The other 556 are at imminent risk of being permanently closed down. The situation is dire, government support has been exhausted, and it now falls to artists, music fans, local communities and the wider industry to do something about it.

On Monday 27 April Music Venue Trust is launching the #saveourvenues campaign.

The campaign matches artists, audiences, and fans, with venues facing closure in fundraising campaigns that aim to directly help individual venues meet their immediate and ever-increasing liabilities. Our approach to this campaign is that Music Venue Trust cannot hope to centrally raise the many millions of pounds required to avert a catastrophic number of closures that would fundamentally undermine the grassroots touring circuit. We can, however, work with our partners use our collective power to draw attention to all their individual campaigns, inspire artists, audiences and local communities to get behind them, and to fundraise so that each individual venue has the best possible chance of removing itself from our crisis list.

Artists have been approaching us organically for weeks asking what they can do to help. Artists understand better than anyone else in our industry the vital role that Grassroots Music Venues have played in their own and others’ development. We want to take this concern and give them a specific, effective model that will directly result in the venues they love being secured. We have already seen Frank Turner take this approach and personally intervene on behalf of 5 venues. We need to recruit an army of Frank Turners and save more than 500 venues threatened with closure.

Music Venue Trust genuinely appreciates the support you have shown us in helping us to protect, secure, and improve Grassroots Music Venues over the last few years. We would like to invite you to be an official partner to this campaign, and to support the launch of #saveourvenues

To support our media campaign:

Please support our #saveourvenues campaign by sharing the hastag on your own social media platforms on Monday 27 April so that we can ensure it receives maximum attention.

Social media copy for facebook/twitter/instagram:

‘We’re joining @MusicVenueTrust nationwide campaign to #saveourvenues. We need Artists, Music Fans & Local Communities to act together to prevent their local music venues from permanently closing. Visit saveourvenues.co.uk to get involved!’