Supporting furloughed staff


We are aware that many MI companies have been forced to furlough staff during the virus crisis.

We recently published an article with guidance for supporting employees who are working from home. See here:

In many ways, supporting your furloughed staff during this difficult time is equally, if not more, important.

Here is some useful advice from the Directory of Social Change:

  1. Set up a minimum weekly visual catch-up via Zoom or whichever app you are using.
  2. Schedule it for the same time each week.
  3. Make it voluntary (it has to be) – it’s not work, it’s about demonstrating that you care about them and you want to keep them updated even if they can’t work.
  4. Brief them as to where you’re at and how things are going – but also allow them time for general chit chat and to share anxieties.
  5. If your organisation is still sending out newsletters then make sure they get a copy to their own personal emails (as they are not allowed to use work emails) so that they can stay informed.
  6. Suggest they get a twitter account to follow the organisation’s tweets.
  7. Encourage them to stay connected to each other and their teams informally to maintain relationships.
  8. Encourage ‘virtual’ after work drinks parties so that they can have informal chats with each other.
  9. Encourage them to volunteer for another organisation – virtually if they can.
  10. Be patient and understanding. You may feel stressed about how busy you are – but trust me, it is worse for them not being able to help.

Above all remember they are still your employees even if they are temporarily not working. They still need to feel valued and important.