Virtual Sounds hosts first classical and jazz music festival streamed directly into homes around the world


On 4th and 5th April Virtual Sounds will bring professional musicians, live from around the world, into your home. For just £10 per household, virtual festival goers will be able to enjoy classical and contemporary performances, workshops, masterclasses and interactive talks during the music extravaganza.

Just like a normal festival, concerts will be conducted on multiple ‘stages’. The unique platform will allow audiences to move around the festival, meet the artists ‘backstage’ and interact with them.

By becoming part of the audience, you will be supporting approximately 30 musicians – many of whose careers have been put on hold overnight because of the Covid-19 (coronavirus) outbreak.

Thea Paraskevaides, founder of Virtual Sounds, says: “Virtual Sounds’ goal is to support band and orchestral musicians, and singers, whose sources of income have been negatively impacted because of event cancellations and postponements due to the coronavirus pandemic. Virtual concerts such as these will allow many of them to earn an income to support themselves and their families.

Paraskevaides says: “The festival will give you the opportunity to get up close and personal in a digital environment, enjoy the music, get to know the performer, ask questions about their careers and learn directly from them.

“Virtual Sounds has been designed to appeal to all generations, bringing some light relief to those quarantined. It’s as close to ‘going to a concert’ as we can achieve.”

Virtual Sounds will also help to entertain and inspire children with events such as group ‘buckdancing’ lessons and an interactive narration of Luna’s Magic Flute, complete with sing-a-longs.

Paraskevaides adds: “Be sure to invite friends and family – virtually, of course! Our platform enables concert enthusiasts to interact with each other during the event, so bring a glass of something and join in the fun!”

Performances begin at 7pm and run until late on the 4th and 5th April, 2020. The platform for the festival will open two hours before the music starts to allow music enthusiasts to familiarise themselves with it and to interact with other festival goers.

For tickets and more information, go to:

Virtual Sounds has been curated by Beaumont Music. Our brand works with and is supported by young artists, most of whom are freelance and whose futures are now uncertain. At a time when usual business has slowed, we wanted to do something positive to support our friends and colleagues.

Thea Paraskevaides founder of Virtual Sounds and co-founder of Beaumont Music
Email: – 01273 900250