Webinar: looking after your Mental Health and Wellbeing during COVID-19


In this MIA Webinar, Alice asks personal branding expert, Deborah Ogden, some of the key questions that have come up concerning looking after your mental health and wellbeing whilst isolating, furloughed, or working from home. It includes some tips for staying positive and productive during this difficult time…

Many of you will be following government guidance and isolating, you might be working from home, or you may have been furloughed.

Your day-to-day routine might have changed massively; you might be missing that interaction with colleagues and customers that you usually have, you might even be taking on more than usual with caring for your family. Taking care of your own mind, and your employees mental health too, is really important while staying at home.

This Webinar offers you insight into staying positive and productive during this difficult time. We hope you enjoy watching!

Here is the Webinar in Podcast format, in case you’d like to listen to the audio on the go:

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