Barnes & Mullins: unlock sales in lockdown


Even if your physical store is closed, there are still opportunities for online sales. Even if you don’t have the fanciest of websites.

Some musical instrument retailers are seeing record online sales right now

Paul McManus, MIA, says:

“We are seeing some amazing online sales from many of our shops, especially those reaching out to new musicians, as well as the existing ones. This is a real opportunity to sell our amazing products to people in lockdown needing to find a new hobby or to come back to a lapsed one!”

Make sure you don’t miss out. And let us help!

So, what to do….

  • You can list a whole load of B&M products on your website.
    We can send you a CSV of all qualifying products, fully categorised, with descriptions and image URLs. Then you can simply upload them to your site and start merchandising them.
  • Then you can place your customer’s orders at any time of the day or night. 
  • And then, we will ship to you or drop ship direct to your customer for FREE! *

If you don’t know how to log in to your account, or if you have forgotten your password, just drop us an email here  – or give us a call – 01691 652449. Then we’ll get you up and running.

Our best to you in these challenging times.

The Barnes & Mullins Team.