Dawsons Music in Administration


Please Note: since this announcement, iconic retailer Dawsons Music has been rescued from administration: www.mia.org.uk/iconic-retailer-dawsons-music-rescued-from-administration/


It is with great sadness that we report Dawsons Music has gone into Administration. Unfortunately, this is of no surprise to most of us in the industry and we have been expecting this news since early March.

The new owners had sent a letter to all suppliers a few weeks ago announcing that none of them would be paid in the current climate (even though the website was still trading) and all attempts at talking with the company were blocked.

There are substantial monies owed to the suppliers in the industry and the MIA will create a Creditors Committee (as we did with Digital Village) in order to try and secure the maximum possible monies to our industry suppliers.

We understand that there is a possibility of a rescue package from a retailer in the industry, and we’ll bring you more news on this as we get it.

All in all, very sad news. Dawsons was a highly thought-of and respected chain of music shops that has very quickly failed under the new ownership.

Any companies owed monies by Dawsons can contact Paul Mc if the MIA can be of assistance paulmc@mia.org.uk