Getting ready to re-open our music shops: Musical Instrument Hygiene


We are now working towards the re-opening of music retail in the UK. As well as the general hygiene of the store, retailers face the extra responsibility of ensuring that the instruments on sale are clean and safe for consumers…

To help retailers prepare for safe re-opening, we have created the following resources:

We held a well-attended Webinar with relevant industry experts to discuss getting ready to re-open the shops and you can watch it back here:

We have also published a useful checklist for shops to consider in getting ready to re-open and you can see it here: As part of this checklist, we provided additional guidance for wind instrument hygiene, with thanks to MIA Members Denis Wick and BBICO.

The NAMM Foundation have also created guidelines for handling musical instruments during COVID-19:

The Government have also issued advice specifically for retailers on working safely during COVID-19 (this doesn’t include information on musical instrument hygiene):

Plus, here are some cleaning videos that Amro Music, a US Retailer, have created for their customers:
Sanitising your Wind Instrument
Sanitising your String Instrument

Help from manufacturers and distributors:

We are calling out for instrument manufacturers and distributors to create videos which show retailers how to clean the products that they provide, to help support the shop staff and ensure the safety of customers.

If you are able to provide a video of yourself or a member of the team giving a demonstration, please get in touch with

Our first video will come from Denis Wick, so look out for it next week in MIAnews!