Getting ready to re-open our shops – update


Things are moving fast after the Prime Minister’s address on Sunday night and we are now (hopefully) only a matter of a few weeks before we have the go-ahead to get our shops open again…

Here is a summary of all we have collated so far to support this happening:

We held a well-attended Webinar on Monday to discuss getting ready to re-open the shops and you can watch it back here:

We have also published a useful checklist for shops to consider in getting ready to re-open and you can see it here:

We featured an excellent video made by an American Music Shop for their customers and you can see it here:

NAMM have recently hosted an excellent webinar on the subject that was conducted by Bob Phibbs, “The Retail Doctor”

This really is worth watching and Bob covers some excellent aspects including:

  • Due Diligence in opening and managing the shop
  • Re-building the trust between the shop, customers and staff
  • Managing the optics (i.e. customer perspective)
  • Staff training to talk to customers in appropriate manner
  • Use of staff masks
  • Taking charge and leading the team
  • Realistic sales targets
  • The mindset of opening a new business
  • Recreating the “fun environment”
  • Switching to caring for customers, not waiting on them
  • NOT talking about COVID!
  • “Escape the news with our music”

The video can be seen here and is highly recommended viewing: