Important Update- Self employed and Partnership Income Support Scheme


We know that a number of people in the industry are self-employed and we naturally wanted to make sure you had seen this news:

 Current guidance states that the government claims service is due to open from 13 May for any people with self employed and partnership income claims.

See the link below for more information

If you are eligible, you may receive a letter/ email or text from HMRC inviting you to claim.

Please be sure that the contact you receive is from as unfortunately there are people running scams on this information.

You will have to sign in using your government gateway information- therefore, do not reply to any message received asking for information.

As stated above you will need to claim accessing your own government gateway login.

Please see instructions below explaining how to create your own account- please go through this as soon as possible, so you are ready to claim when your message arrives.

If you cannot claim online, HMRC are arranging an alternative way to claim- information regarding this will be made available soon.


Individuals are eligible if their business has been adversely affected by coronavirus, they traded in the tax year 2019 to 2020, intend to continue trading, and they:

  • earn at least half of their income through self-employment
  • have trading profits of no more than £50,000 per year
  • traded in the tax year 2018 to 2019 and submitted their Self Assessment tax return on or before 23 April 2020 for that year

When you claim from GOV.UK you will be asked to confirm that your business has been affected by Coronavrius.

HMRC guidance states

Your business could be adversely affected by coronavirus if, for example:

  • you’re unable to work because you:
  • are shielding
  • are self-isolating
  • are on sick leave because of coronavirus
  • have caring responsibilities because of coronavirus
  • you’ve had to scale down or temporarily stop trading because:
  • your supply chain has been interrupted
  • you have fewer or no customers or clients
  • your staff are unable to come in to work

You can check your eligibility on

This checking service is available now- and you will only need your UTR and NI number (both of which are on your tax return on openspace, if used).

There is a link to click to create an online account here too.

Your UTR number and your NI number will also be needed in order to create an account.

Again, both of these will be on your tax return, which is available on openspace (if used).

How to set up a personal government gateway account for self assessment

If you have registered for your self assessment you may already have a government gateway account- in which case you need to sign on using the 12 digit number and password.

You do not need to register again.  We will not have any details regarding your logon, so if you have an account already and have forgotten the user ID and/ or password, you need to follow the links online to recover these.

If you have no gateway account

You will need your NI number and a valid passport

If you do not have a valid passport you will have to use the verify service- this is on the same page so you will need to create a GOV.UK Verify account first- before registering for a gateway account.  To do this, you will need your UK address and a valid photocard driving licence.

If you do not have a valid passport nor driving licence you will need to contact HMRC on 0300 200 3310, or wait for the alternative way to claim- more details to follow.

Go to

Click start now

Click ‘create an account’

Click ‘create an account’ again (ensuring you have the necessary ID- see above)

Click ‘Continue to your account’

Click ‘Create sign in details’- located under the sign in boxes

Follow the links after this

Further information

Guidance and information on the scheme is available on GOV.UK:

We hope this is of help to all of you affected by this news.