Guide to Buying Adaptive Musical Instruments

Creative United are thrilled to announce the release of the first edition of the Take it away Guide to Buying Adaptive Musical Instruments! This guide has been created as a counterpart to industry Charity Music for All‘s guide to Buying a Musical Instrument. The MIA are delighted to have supported and contributed to this brilliant guide.

The Guide to Buying Adaptive Musical Instruments is published by Creative United and distributed in partnership with the Musicians’ Union (MU) and Normans Musical Instruments.

Compiled over the last 12 months, the guide includes details of more than 80 products, from batons and bows to one-handed clarinets and saxophones, that have been specially designed to make learning and playing musical instruments of all kinds as accessible as possible for disabled players of all ages.

This resource is the first of its kind and aims to improve our collective understanding of the demand for adapted and specialist instruments by disabled musicians.

The guide has been created in response to research carried out by the Take it away Consortium which showed major gaps in the access to, and knowledge of where to find adaptive musical instruments. It directly addresses one of the main issues highlighted in the research by raising awareness of the extraordinary range of adaptive instruments that are currently available, with the hope that this will inspire and encourage many more disabled people to be confident of their ability to learn and play music.

You can read and download the accessible PDF document here:

This is a working document. The guide is not intended to be an exhaustive list as new products and prototypes are constantly being developed and launched.

Creative United would absolutely love to hear your thoughts, personal experiences and suggestions of instruments to include in the next edition! Get in touch here

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