How was your first week of trading during COVID-19?


This week, many of you re-opened your music shops to customers, and will have experienced post-lockdown retailing for the first time.

The MIA hopes that you have had a successful week and have started to adapt and adjust to the new normal. We will of course continue to bring you guidance, updates, and assistance.

To support you and the whole retail community, we would like to hear about your experiences in re-opening to the public. We want to create a UK round-up, which highlights the positives and successes, the difficulties and everything in between.

Sharing these experiences will help us at the MIA to continue to provide resources and content that directly supports you. It will also be really useful to help other shops to prepare for their own re-opening.

So, please write to and let us know what you have experienced and learnt in your first week of post-lockdown trading?

Thank you in advance for your contributions!

Plus, don’t forget the public map!

Our map showing shops that are now open is being updated all the time, so please send the following details to if you are now open and would like to be included:

  • The name of your shop
  • The full address of the shop
  • The telephone number for the shop
  • A website link for the shop

This map in on the homepage of our website and has also been featured on MusicRadar’s site (click here to see!)

And… Another retail webinar!

On 5th June, the MIA hosted a webinar which focused on the practical and logistical planning for re-opening your music shop. We brought you updates on health and safety, looking after your staff and customers and heard from two MI retailers about their first-hand experience in preparing to re-open. Click here to watch the session if you missed it.

We are hosting another webinar for shops that will have the same panel as the previous one. We’ll be discussing the experiences had so far by retailers and answering some key questions that have come up during their first few weeks of trading.

It will take place on July 1st at 10:30am – save the date! Details on how to register will follow shortly.