Meters Music featured in The Daily Express!


We are delighted to share with you this great article from The Daily Express website; a brilliant review of our member and British Brand Ashdown Amplification’s new Meters product, the OV-1 Connect headphones.

Made for the world’s music lovers, British audio brand Meters Music is rocking the sound industry with headphones and technology designed to take the pleasures of listening to new levels.

The manufacturer’s latest product the OV-1-B-Connect, featuring its signature style with external meters displaying the volume, offers wireless, high definition, active noise cancelling audio with an app to tailor the sound frequencies. Born out of parent company Ashdown Engineering and with an A-list clientele – Stevie Wonder is a fan, Meters’ latest innovation is a feast for geeks and musicians while promising deep, dynamic revelations for connoisseur and mainstream consumers, says founder and managing director Mark Gooday.

You can read the full article here:

Ashdown Music are having to adapt and change their focus as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, as are many companies in the MI industry. In our articleCOVID-19 Case Study: connecting with customers’, Ashdown share some thoughts on the importance of keeping in touch with their customers and explore how they’re adapting to the new market –