Musical Instrument Hygiene – cleaning guitars

We are now working towards the re-opening of music retail in the UK. As well as the general hygiene of the store, retailers face the extra responsibility of ensuring that the instruments on sale are clean and safe for consumers. Today, we are pleased to bring you a video from PRS Guitars, which guides retailers on cleaning guitars to ensure the safety of staff and customers…

We have created a series of videos from manufacturers and distributors which show retailers how to clean the products that they provide. This well help support the shop staff and ensure the safety of customers.

This week, we have a video demonstration from PRS Guitars. This video is specially made for UK Music Retailers and focuses on cleaning and caring for your guitars as part of your re-opening preparations.

If you are able to provide a video of yourself or a member of the team giving a demonstration, please get in touch with

You can also watch our previous videos here: 

  • Stephen Wick of Denis Wick Products Ltd. showing you how to clean mouthpieces – click here
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