Drum Hangs: The Power of Community


Since Saturday 9th March 2020, London-based first-call session drummer Neal Wilkinson and Surrey-based drummer Russ Gleason have been pleased to be able to offer the world’s drumming community a completely immersive, interactive, and informal experience harnessing the capabilities of Zoom: ‘Drum Hangs’ is born!

“We didn’t foresee the effect that Drum Hangs would have on people’s lives. The response has been stunning. We are completely humbled,” says Russ.

With musicians from over 15 countries around the globe joining Drum Hangs, it would appear that there is something deeper and more profound going on here.

“This has all hit on something very special indeed,” says Russ. “Drum Hangs is available to everyone. The positivity and words of encouragement we have received from our members around the world about Drum Hangs has been mind-blowing to say the least. Every Hang is completely unique and you certainly do gain a previously unavailable insight into the incredible humanity and openness of the weekly special guests. These people are truly legendary musicians!”

With special guests such as Vinnie Colaiuta, Lee Sklar, Dave Mattacks, Nate Smith, Ed Greene, Mike Clark, Jeremy Stacey, and Andy Leask appearing on Drum Hangs so far, this clearly has been an amazing and perhaps life-changing experience for Russ, Neal, and everyone involved.

“There have been so many magical moments and I’m trying desperately to make notes of everything. I want to remember it all forever,” Russ says. “I’ll certainly never forget the time when New York-based Nate Smith shared the news of his event with his 200K Instagram followers. My phone exploded with enquiries. I was literally up all night for two nights in a row responding! Our website is live now, so things are much more automated, which is a relief!”

Upcoming Hangs & Workshops

As well as the weekly Saturday Zoom Hangs, Russ and Neal have recently also started to offer Zoom Workshops, which will feature the very best guest players and teachers from all over the world, providing a hands-on experience for those looking to improve drumming skills.

July is set to be a very busy month at Drum Hangs with four Workshops and four Hangs scheduled. July Saturday Hangs will feature special guests Jeremy Stacey, Steve Gadd, Neal Wilkinson, and Eric Harland. July Workshops will feature Gary Chaffee, Adam Nussbaum, Greg Hutchinson, and Edu Ribeiro.

“To be able to announce that all of these simply legendary musicians will be joining us in July is completely overwhelming,” explains Russ. “These are musicians that Neal and I have admired for many, many years. The excitement about our July events amongst the drumming community is unsurprisingly electric!”

With further Hangs and Workshops planned for August, Russ and Neal are excited for what the future holds for Drum Hangs.

If you would like more details on how to join a zoom hang, please get in touch with Russ Gleason directly on russgleason@hotmail.com for more details.