G&A Music: Screens for Music Teachers


Gill & Al Summers run MIA Member G&A Music, a music tuition business based in Warminster (Wiltshire). They have created a range of robust screens, designed by a music teacher for music teachers. Here’s Al to tell you more about these useful personal protective screens…

Ahead of reopening my music tuition premises, which hosts both one-to-one and ensemble groups, I was particularly conscious of my challenged immune system and that many of my students are in older or vulnerable categories. In search of a solution to permit good interaction while meeting current safety guidelines, robust screening seemed a great addition to the measures I have already used for decades to protect myself.

While anti-bacterial measures have been easier to manage, we are all now very mindful of the anti-virus element of safeguarding. As someone for whom the ‘common cold’ (one variant of which is in the coronavirus family) can be a considerable threat, I am especially keen to protect everyone not just at my premises but all those with whom I have contact, as well as myself, and have a lifetime of awareness of this.

I researched personal protective screens, commonly seen in many shops, but found most were too short, the wrong shape, or fixed installations. Specialist music screens generally promoted excellent sound-proofing & were priced accordingly. With raw materials in short supply, bespoke options were also a considerable outlay with a long or unknown waiting time for delivery.

So I’ve designed a concept screen specifically for music teachers, which also has many other applications, including live and studio work – and commissioned its build to a trusted sound engineer who specialises in custom projects.

The resultant free-standing screen is robust, lightweight, easy to move and store, as transparent as glass & ten times as strong. It delivers natural sound and great protection. Each unit is suitable for a seated adult and the stands can be linked to provide wider coverage.

Having tested them in various tuition scenarios I am delighted with the build. We have also tested them for rehearsals with a 4-piece band as well as possible usage as screens between performers for live music. Everyone involved in the safeguarded testing has remarked upon how safe they feel & how unobtrusive the screens seem despite offering strong protection. They are also very easy to clean.

My engineer has already produced these stackable screens for several clients, is happy to look at custom projects and has available stock. The cost of this version is £139.00 per screen, with five pounds of each sale helping to support the return of the live music scene via a charitable donation.


Contact: ganda@gandamusic.co.uk