The Accessible Instrument Challenge – get involved!


Music is a universal language, or at least it should be. But what if having a physical disability makes it difficult – or impossible – for someone to learn and play a musical instrument? 

The Inclusive Access to Music Making Hackathon Project (IAMM Hackathon) has launched a virtual programme – The Accessible Instrument Challenge – an online collaborative project that aims to address the accessibility challenges of people who want to play or produce music but find it physically challenging to do so.

Find out more here – Innovation Partners unite with Music Industry to address accessibility issues in design and production of musical instruments 

The coalition of high-profile musical experts, innovation partners and academics need your expertise to help solve the challenges posed! Challenges such as making access to adapted musical instruments, assistive equipment and music technology easier and more affordable for disabled people of all ages.

They have just announced an open call for people from across the music, tech, education sector and further afield to sign up and take part in one of the virtual teams.

I’m up for a challenge! Can I join a team?

Absolutely! Here’s an overview of who the organisation are looking for to make up each team:

  • Disabled and non-disabled musicians
  • Instrument makers
  • Designers
  • Manufacturers
  • Technologists
  • Inventors
  • Innovators
  • Music teachers
  • Academics
  • Students

Are you one of the above? JOIN A TEAM . The closing date is this Friday, 17th July.

We are very proud that the MIA’s Chief Executive Paul McManus is a co-facilitator on the ‘Supply Chain for Schools’ project. This project will address how we can build an effective supply chain of adaptive instruments into schools, ensuring that disabled children are able to fully participate in music education. As co-facilitator, Paul will be helping to manage and support the virtual team over the course of the project.