Weekly round-up


Here are some of the key industry news stories that we’ve brought you this week, in case you missed them…

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Here’s this week’s key stories:

The MI industry in the news!

Last week, the UK’s MI industry was the subject of some welcome and positive articles in the mass media. Publications such as The Financial Times and BBC News featured comments from the MIA, Millers Music, Gear4music, Focusrite and more. Check it out at the link above!

The Daily Safety Checklist

The MIA brings you a Daily Safety Checklist that can be used by shops, offices and workplaces to ensure the safety of your team and the environment that you work in. The list covers measures such as hand wash facilities and PPE availability for staff members, cleanliness of touch points in high use areas, and ensuring and implementing social distancing at work. Take a look at the link above.

Youth Music – The Incubator Fund and The Blueprint for the Future report

2 exciting new initiatives from Youth Music; the national charity investing in music-making projects for children and young people experiencing challenging circumstances. The first is The Incubator Fund – Grants of £5,000 to £30,000 are available to businesses like yours to allow 18-25 year olds the opportunity to deliver their own projects and receive support from your organisation through incubation, training, mentoring and networking.

The second is a new report: Blueprint for the Future, which aims to better understand and explore the varied experiences of those trying to build a sustainable career in music. Who is succeeding and who isn’t? How and why? What are education and industry doing about it? How are young people managing to navigate their way around barriers? What can we learn from them, and how can we bring about more systemic change?

A musical update

The MIA has recently taken part in a number of strategic calls with colleagues and government, involving the breadth of the music industry and music education sector. The article linked above is a short update to highlight some of the key challenges that currently face our industry.

All pInstruments independently certified as carbon neutral – whatever colour you choose, it will be green!

MIA Member Warwick Music Group has become the first UK music instrument manufacturer to receive the designation with its full range of brass instruments – produced in highly colourful recyclable ABS plastic – being declared ‘green’.

Business sustainability is more important than ever. Not just because of the obvious importance of conserving the planet, but also because of the increasing expectations of corporate responsibility. The consumer decision-making process is changing. The people purchasing your products will consider the environmental impact that they will have by investing in your brand over another.

We are delighted to highlight and celebrate this brilliant news from our member, Warwick Music Group – find out more at the link above!