Ashdown Customer Service – Care & Understanding

Here is an update from MIA Member and family run British company Ashdown Music. Managing Director and Founder Mark Gooday explains the way that the company will be offering their services to retailers going forward… 

Sales reps are a thing of the past. Welcome to the new world. In order to maintain social distance and limit contact with others we will be offering a slightly different service in a way…

All appointments/store visits will be pre-arranged at a time convenient to the store be it before the stores open or after the stores close to the public If needed. We also understand you might not want us in your stores at all… So feel free to give us a call to check stock & availability. All orders placed before 2pm mon-fri will be dispatched same day for a next day delivery. All orders over £500 will be subject to FREE delivery. Your standard terms apply.

It is not always possible to ensure our display is clean and tidy at all times so we will be calling round to arrange a time for a local customer service rep to come deep clean your Ashdown display and ensure you are stocked on brochures and merch for the guys on the floor as well as biscuits 😉 also being able to stock check the displays and make sure you have everything you need.

Our service department is still operating as it was however we can no longer handle walk ins all service appointments are by pre appointment Tuesday – Thursday with limited slots available. If you need to arrange an RAX number please get in touch and we will advise a delivery address and RAX number. There is normally no more than a 5 working day turn around and you will be notified of your return tracking information once on its return voyage.

For pretty much everything (other than what to have for dinner tonight) please call David Bush who will be able to assist you in all your Ashdown related requirements.

Marketing support, we know some of you have flourished online during these unprecedented times and we want to support you in your online ventures. In any way we can. We have developed our marketing department over recent months with the appointment of two new members of the Ashdown team. Firstly long time Ashdown collaborator Nick Oliver who will be helping in content curation and is available to do any customer in store graphics or online banners that you may require to better your Ashdown sales and presence. We have also appointed Joe Branton (Guitar Nerds, Poly Math and all round top bloke) As our Social instigator who will be doing everything he can to boost our social following and directing as many people as he can to buy local and support you the dealers.

We have seen some positives come from the situation we have been dealt and will be continuing to develop and evolve our product offering from our recently renovated HQ in the deepest darkest depths of Essex. Tides dependant… our electronics engineer, Dave and his wife Joe who make the amps live on a boat and commute everyday via dingy. To be fair they have only not made it in a couple of times.

You’ve probably had a lot of this kind of email recently so will follow it up with a phone call for a catch up and to make sure you are all keeping well and safe.

It is a changed world and we can’t just slip back to the way things were to do so would be like burying your head in the sand.

Our Contact info hasn’t changed but in case you don’t have it to hand you can reach us at:

Ashdown Design & Marketing Ltd
The Old Maltings Ind Est
Hall Road
Tel: 01621 857 853

Managing Director – Mark Gooday –
Financial Director – Jane Gooday –
Marketing Director – Dan Gooday –
Customer Service Manager – David Bush –
Content Curator – Nick Oliver –
Social Instigator – Joe Branton –
Chief Engineer – Dave Green –
Service Engineer – Guy Morel –

If I can help with anything please feel free to give me a call my mobile number is below.

There is also an opening for a global sales Director to work alongside us to help maintain growth world wide, please feel free to send over a CV if you feel up for the challenge. Experience with a dynamic approach to sales is everything within the role. Salary negotiable but will be performance led.

Stay well and keep safe,

Mark Gooday
Managing Director
+44(0)7850 766 786

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