Blackstar: Live Logic USB Midi Controller


Incredibly flexible performance control of MIDI hardware and software in a compact, rugged footcontroller.

The Live Logic compact and versatile 6-button MIDI footcontroller gives you quick and easy performance control of any MIDI hardware or software platforms and plugins. MIDI over USB, assignable functions and two expression pedal inputs make it the perfect MIDI control solution and it can also be used as your USB MIDI interface. Power it anywhere via USB, 9V battery or power supply and unlock your performance.

The 60 Second Story

  • Compact and versatile 6-button MIDI controller.
  • MIDI over USB for use with DAWs, plugins and live sequencer/sampling software like Ableton LiveTM.
  • Can be used as your USB MIDI interface.
  •  2 x expression pedal inputs for continuous control of MIDI parameters.
  • Controls Program Change, Control change, Note and Clock messages.
  • Customisable MIDI messages via free Mac/PC software. Battery, 9V DC or USB bus powered for use anywhere.
  • Stage visible LED display.
  • Rugged metal housing.

Top 3 Call-outs

  • Controls Program Change, Control Change, Note and Clock messages.
  • MIDI over USB for use with DAWs, plugins and live sequencer/sampling software like Ableton LiveTM and can also function as your USB MIDI interface.
  • 2 x expression pedal inputs.

Inside Information:

  • Free Mac/PC app to customise the function of each footswitch and expression pedal and save and load configuration presets.
  • MIDI over USB for easy performance control of software such as DAWs and plugins.
  • Functions as a USB MIDI interface for an existing MIDI set-up.
  • PSU-500 operates from 100-240V AC and comes with 4 different plug fittings for use around the world.
  • Compatible with any 9V centre-negative power supply.


  • PSU-500 power supply.
  • Third party expression pedals.

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