‘Eat Sleep Sing’ by Stacey DeLooze – published by Faber Music


MIA Member Faber Music have published a new book to encourage everyone to explore the life-changing benefits of singing…

‘Eat Sleep Sing’ by teacher, singer and composer Stacey DeLooze is a fresh approach to singing that explores the transformative, healing, empowering and ultimately life-changing benefits it can bring.

Due to be published on 21 September 2020 by Faber Music, ‘Eat Sleep Sing’ has been created to encourage everyone to sing, from those who had never even considered singing but are interested in improving their mental and physical well-being, to beginner and amateur singers, right through to trained musicians and teachers.

The book aims to take the reader on a fun and informative journey as they uncover the secrets of singing and get the best out of their voice. It includes simple practical exercises, a step-by-step warm-up guide, advice, illustrations which can be coloured-in to support mindfulness, tongue-twisters to practise, as well as a mood-tracker to help monitor progress. There is no requirement to read music.

What readers will learn from this book:

  • Discover the chemical responses to singing that reduce stress and encourage a good sleep.
  • Master exercises to gain stronger breath control and a happier mind.
  • Explore the myriad ways singing connects us to each other and the world around us.
  • Unlock tips to boost your confidence and keep your memory sharp and agile.

For adult readers ‘Eat Sleep Sing’ highlights the empowering and uplifting rewards that singing has to offer. Singing helps bring groups and communities together and inspires a sense of unity. Spreading the power of singing and its ability to transport us beyond the usual trappings of our daily lives is of key importance in the world right now.

From the author

“I enjoy helping people to improve the quality of their lives through the exploration and the expression of their voices. As my fascination with the intriguing effects of this ancient activity grew, I kept a journal of my insights and discoveries. Eventually, that collection of tips, truths and exercises grew into ‘Eat Sleep Sing’. This book is the result of many years practising, performing and teaching the art. I hope it will inspire a new wave of interest and exploration in singing. Whether you’re young or not-so-young, on stage or in the shower, this book will inform, encourage and delight the voice in all of us!”

Testimonials for Eat Sleep Sing and Stacey DeLooze

“A superb and highly promising new book and author. Stacey DeLooze has written a refreshing and inspiring must-read guide and a book of the time – offering many great lessons and insights on the extraordinary benefits that singing has to offer the body, mind and soul. Read this book!”
– Harvey Goldsmith CBE, performing arts promoter

“Singing makes me feel happy. It’s like if I switch off from the outside world and just be in my own world…I can forget about everything else and just focus on me. Like if I was on a paradise beach.” – Nils, age 11, student

“I’ve been voted the world’s worst singer so I’m really looking forward to lots of tips and a guide to help me really hone my craft. I love singing in the shower and cooking up a storm. It makes me happy…even if it doesn’t make anybody else happy!”
– Melissa Hemsley, bestselling cookbook author, non-singer.