How to hire an apprentice – a guide

The Government are encouraging more businesses to offer apprenticeships. The goal is for young people to see apprenticeships as a high quality and prestigious path to successful careers, and for these opportunities to be available across all sectors of the economy, in all parts of the country and at all levels. The Federation of Small Businesses has published a handy guide on how to hire an apprentice…

Apprenticeships are in the spotlight due to the government’s plan to kickstart the economy. Employers in England will receive an incentive of £2,000 for each new apprentice aged 16-24 and £1,500 for new apprentices aged above 25 they hire between 1 August 2020 and 31 January 2021.

The FSB’s guide takes you through the process of hiring an apprentice and what you need to do, from choosing an apprenticeship standard to filling out the right paperwork. It provides a 10-step guide and highlights the key actions you should take.

Read it here on the FSB’s website:

Federation of Small Businesses: How to hire an apprentice

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