MusicIncite Ltd Introduces emuso/Studio – Music’s Ultimate Help System


Available through our website ( you can obtain the new release of emuso/Studio(TM) – Music’s Ultimate Help System!  Solving many common problems discussed and encountered by musicians of all ages (above 10) and skill levels, emuso is explicitly designed to help you with learning, practicing, and exploring music.  Emuso is also a great companion to help teachers to get their points across to students.

This two minute video ( captures the essence of emuso.  More information and videos are also available on our website.

After several Beta Trials in the UK and US, since January 2017, coupled with face-to-face discussions with musicians, and surveying over 600 musicians, we feel we are ready to share emuso/Studio with the world.  From these trials, we have captured critical feedback, insights, and ideas. It is also important to note we have had a 100% satisfaction level reported back to us from our trialists.

Emuso/Studio is our flagship music software platform. It supports interactive, synchronized video, audio and MIDI-based lessons, e-books (emusoBooks) and practice regimes.  It also provides you with a musical assistant in the form of several tools that come with the emuso Toolkit, such as the scale aware pattern inverter, and chord inversion explorer, and tonal-centre based ear trainers, so you can choose your direction and work at your own pace.

Emuso’s user-interface design and auto-correcting interactive content (lessons and practice regimes) are based on the findings of music psychology and neuroscience, that continuously reinforce awareness of the building blocks of music (intervals), and provide easy access to their individual sounds, whether in scales, chords, or progressions.  There is no need to learn music notation, even to understand very advanced theory.  Emuso employs a unique visual approach to theory and can separate (or combine) rhythm from pitch, reducing sensory load.  This provides more discernible structures for the brain to extract, and aids with the brain’s process of chunking. Consequently, you rapidly memorise musical concepts and subsequently draw on these to focus on the task in hand.  Beginners can understand basic chord theory and apply it on piano (a visually straight-forward instrument) in minutes on day one, with no need to know note names. We deliberately do not provide note-for-note song breakdowns, nor show how to hold the guitar, nor how to fret a chord.  There are many wonderful sites in the Internet that cater with these.  However, we expressly provide the tools and knowledge that enable you, through natural learning, to understand the note choices made in songs, and hence how to improvise and compose.

Our initial focus is for stringed instruments.  The interactive content will be growing over time.  We make use of piano solely for demonstrating music concepts to vocalists and non-string players, and for supporting translation of ideas across instruments (e.g. visualising a guitar chord voicing on piano).

Emuso provides strong support for practice at all levels, so you can quickly build and share patterns, progressions, arpeggios, and new chord voicings, improve your time-keeping and rhythmic awareness, and develop your ear. Teachers can use emuso/Studio to exemplify and share musical concepts with their students. Emuso/Studio allows you to create your own music sketches and then transfer concepts over to other instruments; create on virtual guitar and then transfer to the virtual piano, bass and violin, or vice versa.

Jerry Kramskoy, founder and CEO & CTO states, “I created emuso for a simpler, faster, and more effective way to allow everyone to develop the musical skills they want. Emuso is dedicated to giving everyone the confidence, technique, and musical understanding to join in the global conversation expressed through musical improvisation and composition. The amazing sounds available through understanding theory should be available to all.  Our Beta Trialists, to date, tell us that emuso is achieving these goals; giving them an experience they both really enjoy and quickly learn from.  So far, they have found a few bugs and provided critical insights to improve the overall effectiveness of emuso. We have already incorporated some changes from this collaborative feedback and we heartily thank them for their input. They are helping to shape a new way of learning and practicing music. I love seeing the astonishment when the revelation hits them that music is easy to understand, contrary to their beliefs.”

Dale Jeffery, Guitar Student, UK, has this to say of the emuso approach to learning: “This is banging, I think I have come closer to being a musician in the last week or so then I have in the last two years. I am sure I am even playing better.”

Conan Middleton, Guitar Student, UK, has this say: “I have been receiving lessons from Jerry for some time now, and before I really did struggle with learning as I have memory problems related to illness. With emuso, I have found it easy to learn even for me! I understand the fundamentals I never thought I would get down. It really is simple, I can’t recommend this enough, whether you are a complete beginner or have been playing for some time but wish to gain a greater understanding of the guitar.”

Jon Eno, CEO Hot House Music, has this to say about emuso: “We’ve found emuso to be a real game changer with our students on the way how harmony and rhythm work together without having to use notation.  Emuso really helps our students understand how to explore chord structures and rhythms.  We heartily recommend this program to all our students”

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