Why music will be key when schools re-open


Graeme Barclay, owner and founder of Beat Buddies Music has written a great article for Tes Global which focuses on the importance of music within schools as education prepares to recover from COVID-19. He highlights how music offers escapism, resilience and inclusion which are all crucial as schools reopen amid the crisis…

Graeme focuses on three principal settings where music can hugely help children as we all begin a recovery process like we’ve never known before:

  1. Music in schools
  2. Music in communities
  3. Wellbeing through music

Here is an excerpt from the article, ‘Music will be pivotal in the recovery from COVID-19′

Music can provide a perfect leveller, particularly for primary schools, as we plan for the anticipated return of Scottish schools in August. Music can empower children to believe in, celebrate and enjoy their inherent abilities. It also releases children’s inner emotive and creative feelings. But differentiation of activities within each learning resource (as always) is key to ensuring that each pupil and teacher will be able to comprehend and undertake the task in hand; inclusive music-making activities do not and should not be overly complex or confusing. As one of my mentors once said, we should ensure that we “do the simple things brilliantly”. 

The MIA strongly believes in the importance of children retaining curriculum-based music as part of the school day, and we would encourage you to read the full article on Tes Globals’ website at the link below