COVID Protection Screen from Scott Dixon


Here at Scott Dixon, we have been creating hundreds of ways to protect and store your instruments since 1991.

One of our regular clients Carrie Martin asked if there was anyway we could create a screen to attach to her mic stand in time for her upcoming album launch party, to provide extra protection and peace of mind for her audience.

Always one for a challenge, our boss John took himself off and came up with this fantastically-designed, unobtrusive screen that will attach to most standard microphone stands.

Carrie Martin performing ‘Sacred River’ using the Covid Protection Screen:

One of the problems with current government restrictions is that smaller venues are unable to provide live entertainment, due in part to possible spread of infection from singers and brass and woodwind players.

It is hoped this new invention will help circumnavigate these restrictions, but it is also ideal for music/rehearsal rooms and studios.

The screen will fit to any microphone stand in any configuration and is also ideal for brass and woodwind players who may have the same issue of possible fluid transmission when performing.

Scroll to the bottom to watch Carrie discuss the Covid Protection Screen with its designer John Dixon.

Priced at just £44.95 they are available now from Scott Dixon Inc. We are pleased to offer £27.00 +VAT as a trade price.

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