Drum Hangs – creating unforgettable experiences


Drum Hangs has very quickly established itself as the world’s leading creator of unforgettable online meetings with the most legendary drummers in the music industry. Since May, Surrey-based drummer Russ Gleason and London-based first-call session drummer Neal Wilkinson have been delighting musicians from over 25 countries around the world with Drum Hangs, a completely immersive, interactive, and informal online experience…

“You never know who might show up at a Drum Hang. Neal and I still shake our heads in disbelief at some of the things that have gone down on these things; simply put, it’s pure magic,” says Russ.

The word is spreading fast amongst the worlds drumming community. This is quite obviously a brand that is purely built on true passion, integrity, and a real desire to connect drummers at what is a strange time in the world. “These hangs are profound, our special guests tend to have just as much fun as everyone attending. It’s deep and meaningful stuff,” says Russ.

“There are so many highlights throughout this journey and, amongst other special guests in August, we were seriously pleased to have the legendary Jack DeJohnette join us. In the lead up to the hang, I received word from Jack that the day of the hang would be the eve of his 78th Birthday. I quickly arranged the hang to be a real celebration of Jack’s contribution to our art. Everyone came out to hang; Vinnie Colaiuta, Bill Stewart, Mark Guiliana, Antonio Sanchez, John Riley, Adam Nussbaum, Mike Clark, Johnathan Blake, Jeremy Stacey, Martin France, Dave Elitch, Nate Smith, Lenny White, Vince Wilburn Jr. They all came along to celebrate Jack. It was something really beautiful and we know that Jack will never forget it.”

From all reports, it would appear that the hang with Steve Gadd was also full of more jaw-dropping moments. “Steve humbly sat in his garage sharing his thoughts and ideas with us all for over two hours. It was seriously life-changing stuff for everyone there. When Vinnie Colaiuta showed up to surprise Steve and they nattered about drum stick grips amongst other topics, you could feel the collective gasp of disbelief jump out of the screen,” Russ explained.

“In August, Drum Hangs hosted eight events featuring world renowned drummers Spike Wells, Jack DeJohnette, John Riley, Jim Keltner, Jeff Hamilton, Andy Newmark, Dave Elitch, and Bill Stewart. “We’re always so overwhelmed during every hang by the humility and warmth shown by all our special guests. These are all truly beautiful people who are so, so, humble and willing to share their career and life experiences,” Russ says. “We are eternally grateful to all of the artists who have appeared on Drum Hangs.”

September Hangs & Workshops

September is set to be a very busy month at Drum Hangs with six Hangs and one Workshop scheduled. September Hangs will feature special guests John ‘JR’ Robinson, Gavin Harrison, Steve Jordan, Martin France, David Garibaldi, and Simon Phillips. The Drum Hangs Workshop will feature rudimental and hand technique master, Claus Hessler.

“To be able to announce that all of these simply legendary musicians will be joining us in September is completely overwhelming,” explains Russ. “It’s yet another heavyweight cast of musicians that Neal and I have admired for many, many years. The excitement about our September events amongst the Drum Hangs community is seriously electric!”

With further Hangs and Workshops planned for October, Russ and Neal are beyond excited to bring these totally unique experiences to the world’s drumming community.

To register your interest in Drum Hangs or to book a place on an upcoming event simply head to www.drumhangs.com