Ocarinas making music safe

Ocarina-playing is proving to be safer than singing. MIA member Ocarina Workshop has posted advice for teachers and a video to demonstrate the unique ocarina qualities that are making it the instrument-of-choice in many classrooms…

At a time when teachers are reticent to let children sing or play wind instruments for fear of spreading COVID-19 through aerosol transmission and handling, Ocarina Workshop have presented practical and scientific facts about ocarinas along with advice on their safe use in the classroom.

Key facts include:

> ocarinas are not passed between children – they are supplied with a cord for wearing, not sharing

> ocarinas are vessel flutes, rather than tubes – breath is contained within them and does not pass through

> ocarinas can only be played with a steady breath – ‘blowing’ produces no sound.

The video demonstrates these and other points and the blog offers practical advice for teachers. Schools are choosing ocarina-playing as a safe option so that pupils can continue to make music at this time:


You can read a blog about Ocarina safety at the link below:



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