The Accessible Instruments Challenge – update

Launched in June, the exciting Accessible Instruments Challenge has brought together a wide range of people with expertise in digital innovation and design technology, musical instrument making and lived experience of disability to focus on a series of practical and conceptual challenges that have the potential to materially improve access and inclusion in music making for disabled people…

For those who are hearing about this for the first time: Music is a universal language – or at least it should be. But what if having a physical disability makes it difficult – or impossible – for someone to learn and play a musical instrument? This collaborative project aims to address the accessibility challenges of people who want to play or produce music, but find it physically challenging to do so.

From Challenge Leaders and Collaborators to Advisers and Partners, there are now 49 incredible individuals (some of whom you might recognise!) taking part in this part of the IAMM initiative.

These people have been split into 8 teams who are currently working together virtually to address 8 specific challenges. The aim is to make adaptive musical instruments more affordable, make music education in schools more inclusive and uncover new solutions that haven’t been tried before!

We are very proud that the MIA’s Chief Executive Paul McManus is a co-facilitator on the ‘Supply Chain for Schools’ project. This project is addressing how we can build an effective supply chain of adaptive instruments into schools, ensuring that disabled children are able to fully participate in music education. As co-facilitator, Paul is helping to manage and support the virtual team over the course of the project.

The 8 projects are as follows. Click on the link to find out more:

Without further ado, lets meet the teams and find out more about the challenges –  you can do so here:

Introducing the teams working on the Accessible Instruments Challenge

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