Weekly round-up


Here are some of the key industry news stories that we’ve brought you this week, in case you missed them…

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Here are this week’s key stories:

Professional Music Technology’s commitment to Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity

At the MIA, we know that equality, diversity and inclusivity are fundamental to a successful musical instrument industry. A diverse workforce means more innovation and creativity for MI businesses. The people that we’re lucky enough to have in our workforces drive the success of the industry. Working with people from different backgrounds with different life experiences and skills enable the team dynamics that lead to ground-breaking ideas.

With this in mind, we were delighted to receive a new Mission Statement from one of our members, Professional Music Technology (PMT). Find out more at the link above!

One Man Band celebrates 25 years of success by adapting to change

MIA Member One Man Band is celebrating 25 years in business this week – following some significant changes since it started back in 1995. In the age of the internet stores, the business has proven that adapting to change is the key to success.

The Guardian: “DJing formally offered at GCSE: a challenge to a ‘colonialised curriculum’”

Over the past 5 years, FutureDJs have been “laying down a new beat for music in schools”, working to get DJing recognised in formal musical education. Early on, they managed to get DJ decks recognised as an instrument for GCSE assessment, but creating the framework for this to work in practice was a bigger challenge. Last week, they succeeded: FutureDJs and the London College of Music Examiners published a syllabus that offers grade certifications on CDJs (decks for manipulating music from CDs or digital files).

The MIA are pleased that CDJ qualifications have been given formal recognition. The more opportunity to inspire young people and enabling them to make music, the better. The Guardian’s article is interesting because it explores the link between DJing and equality, diversity and inclusivity. Find out more at the link above.

Brexit and Employment Law – September update

In this article by the MIA’s Business Support Helpline Partner, Croner, we highlight some key things that you need to know as to how the ongoing Brexit situation will impact on your business

Who owns your Intellectual Property?

For some businesses, intellectual property is their main asset. But if you are not careful, one of your most valuable assets might not actually belong to your company. In this article the MIA’s trusted intellectual property partner, Briffa, explain how to control who owns your businesses intellectual property.