Denis Wick helps revive live music making


MIA member Denis Wick Products has teamed up with one of its Manchester-based suppliers to produce stretchable bell covers for brass instruments. These are designed to help reduce the risk of spreading aerosols and droplets when brass instruments are played…

According to government guidelines released as lockdown was eased in the summer, brass playing was considered to be a high risk activity for the spread of coronavirus and the recommendation was that brass instruments be played outdoors with safe distancing in place. School and college groups are now playing indoors again under very strict guidelines. Bell covers, by helping reduce the risk of spreading germs indoors, encourage live music making (where it is allowed) to take place in an educational setting. In time, the hope is that more live music making can take place as we emerge from the worst of the pandemic.

Although playing a brass instrument is nothing like as bad as coughing or sneezing when it comes to spreading germs, it is indisputable that breath from the player is spread through the bell of the instrument into the room. Bell covers help mitigate the risk of airborne germs being spread.

Stephen Wick, CEO of Denis Wick, said “We are pleased to bring this British-made product out at this time, and sincerely hope that it will be helpful in getting young people playing in school groups again. We hope too that it will be useful to encourage brass playing in all its forms as and when the regulations ease, as they will eventually.”