Government approved digital examination system available from Online Music Exams


Suitable for Companies, Brands, Institutions, Teachers & YouTubers Offering Online Courses

According to a recent article by Forbes only 20% of students who take online courses complete them. Online Music Exams (OME) however have discovered students also said ‘a valid qualification certificate at the end would give more reason to complete the course.’

Online Music Exams specialise in the delivery of global access to fully automated online examination systems which can assess all areas of music exams including performance pieces, listening tests, sight-reading tests, improvisation and theory. With no booking process, students in any time zone are able to achieve a credible certificate, encouraging them to complete their course. The possibilities of quick retakes, where necessary, offer further encouragement to quickly move on to their new grade.

OME are inviting music companies, institutions, exam boards, music hubs and YouTubers who have accredited or non-accredited courses, to contact them to discuss how their online ‘cutting edge’ exam system can provide a safe and reliable alternative to traditional face to face exams. Their online exam system helps with the maintenance of social distancing, whilst also reducing costs, offering environmental credentials and with less administration.

With UK and EU government approved certification of music qualifications, lesson providers can achieve greater worldwide exposure and more easily support students’ progression through the grades. Huge opportunities exist for organisations which can successfully deliver trustworthy, reliable courses, supported by an accredited examination system with an option to gain qualifying UCAS points.

For further information please visit or view the OME automated system examiner “SARA” in the trailer here: