How to Take Advantage of Online Sales this Holiday Season: Part 1


Today, we’re delighted to bring you a post written by Iain Butterwick, EMEA Territory Manager at MIA Member, the largest online marketplace dedicated to buying and selling new, used, and vintage musical instruments. In his day to day, Iain leads a team of sales experts who help retailers across the UK and Europe power their eCommerce operations. In this article, Iain presents some top tips for Reverb sellers on how to best prepare for the most wonderful time of the year…

This year has brought many challenges to the musical instrument industry. While the festive shopping season might look a little different this time around, one thing is clear: More and more consumers are shopping for music gear online than ever before.

At, the holiday shopping season brings more traffic to our site, with more pounds being spent on every category of music gear—and this year is likely to be the busiest Christmas season on record for holiday sales. As you think about how to best prepare for the most wonderful time of the year, consider these three steps I’m advising Reverb sellers to take right now to prep their online shops.

  1. List all your inventory online.

 Earlier this year when stores were asked to close their doors, many musicians turned to eCommerce. Now that they’ve experienced how easy it is to purchase music gear online, many will continue to shop online to satisfy their gear-related gift needs. Because of this, retailers should list all the gear in their physical stores online as soon as possible. Everything from picks and guitar strings to synthesizers and amps should be listed online. If you don’t list it online, you can’t sell it online.

Consider listing both used and new gear online. We’ve long advised sellers to list used inventory online as used inventory is unique and can help your shop stand out. This year, Reverb has seen a significant increase in orders for new gear on the site, showing that a wide variety of buyers are increasingly shopping online.

  1. Perfect the quality of your listings.

Successfully connecting buyers with the perfect piece of music gear starts with making an informative, detailed listing. Build trust and transparency with buyers by taking good, consistent product photos of gear from all sides and angles and use close-up shots of all blemishes or imperfections. Remember: potential buyers want to see a photo of the actual item they’ll receive, not a stock photo. Write full and accurate product descriptions, provide product specs if you have them, or tell a story for the buyers that paints a picture of what it sounds like so that buyers can picture themselves with the gear.

Another listing pro tip? Avoid things like putting all capital letters and exclamation points in the listing title – those can come off as spammy to prospective buyers.

  1. Get ready to ship internationally.

Reverb’s community of buyers and sellers spans the globe. To help sellers connect with the perfect buyer, wherever they are, we’ve put tools and resources in place to help make international transactions as seamless as possible. Best of all, our multilingual customer engagement team is available to assist with any and all questions when you sell across borders. For example, we recently walked one of our sellers step-by-step through the process of shipping a large vintage synth all the way to Japan.

Ecommerce opens doors to a global audience of buyers who are hunting for the perfect piece of musical gear. By taking these first few steps, retailers can prepare themselves for the busy online holiday shopping season and set themselves up for success.

Look out for parts 2 & 3 in this series, coming in November.