Reshape Music: A report exploring the experience of Disabled musicians in education and beyond

Reshape Music: A report exploring the lived experience of Disabled musicians in education and beyond sets out the significant barriers faced by Disabled musicians to access music education and music-making in the UK. This important publication has been created by our friends and partners at Youth Music, in partnership with the Take it away Consortium

The report includes the first-ever national survey into Disabled people’s experiences of music education and music-making. The research team, including eight co-researchers who are all Disabled musicians, gathered the views of hundreds of music makers, music educators, and music retailers. Funding from the National Lottery via Arts Council England enabled Youth Music to carry out this work.

The upheaval of 2020 provides an opportunity for music education, retail and the wider industries to build inclusivity into the recovery. Reshape Music sets out the urgent need for educators, retailers, and the music industry to improve access and choice for Disabled musicians, to increase representation of Disabled people in the paid workforce, and to upskill music teachers to better support Disabled musicians.

Here’s a video which gives you an insight into what it’s like to be a disabled musician:

13.9 million people in the UK identify as disabled, that’s why it’s worth integrating accessibility into your business activity. Not only will it ensure you’re accommodating to as many people as possible, but it can also help attract new customers and maintain customer loyalty.

22% of the UK population identify as disabled (13.9 million people), 95% of disabled people search a venue’s accessibility info online before visiting, and £267 million is lost every month by inaccessible high street shops

Our partners at Take it Away have developed an accessibility guide for retailers which is designed to give you the confidence to make your shop, website, and promotional activity accessible and inclusive for all. You can download the full accessibility guide here.

Here’s the report, which is highly recommended reading:

Reshape Music - A report exploring the lived experience of Disabled musicians in education and beyond

You can download the report and find out more on Youth Music’s website here:

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