The MIA – looking to the future


Which ever way you look at it, it has been quite a year.

Of all the things we have had to get used to in 2020, the one that has been common to all of us is that life has had to change. Clearly this has affected all of us on a personal level, but also many of us on a commercial level as well.

The MIA is no exception and over the last few months, we have been taking stock of all aspects of the way we operate as an organisation. As such, we have concluded that the time is right to make some changes to the way we operate, to ensure that we are best positioned to serve our members in these changing times.

Like many of you, we are looking toward accessible technology to help streamline as many of our processes as possible. As an example, you will have recently received your AGM papers, and unlike previous years, all aspects of the process are available to you virtually. Not only is this more inclusive as it offers an easier path to engagement, but it saves on unnecessary printing and distribution.

We have also made the commitment to operate from a ‘virtual’ office rather than a physical location in the future. Over the last six months, the team have been refining our day to day activities to ensure that these could be undertaken remotely, and whilst this was forced upon the organisation initially, it now provides an opportunity for positive change.

These are just two of the examples of how the MIA is able to maintain its existing level of service to our members, whilst freeing resource to develop new initiatives such as podcasts and virtual member events, which we feel are vital for the industry as a whole.

In large part, this journey we have been on has been as a direct result of the fact that our CEO, Paul McManus, will be leaving the MIA at the end of this year. Paul has worked tirelessly for the organisation for the last 18 years, and it is fitting that he has supported and encouraged the review of the MIA to ensure its long term viability.

Paul has not only executed his role in a professional and personable manner, he has personified the spirt of the MIA and both its mission and vision. Alongside his ‘day job’ he has also been central to the establishment and success of the Music for All charity.

Whilst we are sad to see Paul leave, we are looking forward to building on the example he has set. We are therefore pleased to announce that Alice Monk will be continuing in her role of General Manager and will take an operational lead on all day-to-day activity.

Fundamental to our vision for the future, is an assurance that the MIA will continue to invest as much of your membership subscriptions into activity that support you, your business and the development of our industry.