Weekly round-up


Here are some of the key industry news stories that we’ve brought you this week, in case you missed them…

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Here are this week’s key stories:

“Sheet music sales soar 25% as UK turns to piano practice during COVID lockdown”

Last week, sheet music was the subject of a welcome and positive article. iNews featured some impressive sales figures provided by MIA Member Presto Music – the leading e-commerce site for classical recordings, sheet music and music books.

New study: Learning an instrument can help children with memory and creativity 

A new study shows young musicians who play an instrument and practise frequently have increased memory and attention skills. The findings come from a recent study, which showed how musically-trained children performed better at attention and memory recall exercises. They also had greater activation in brain regions related to attention control and auditory encoding. Find out more at the link above.

My employee isn’t social distancing at work – what do I do?

There are individuals out there who don’t believe in social distancing and mask wearing. This means, even if you’ve set out a perfect plan to make your workplace COVID-secure, it may not matter. The health & safety of your employees is your responsibility, even if they’re the ones putting themselves and others at risk. So how do you a manage an employee who is failing to follow your guidelines? In this article, the MIA’s trusted Business Support Helpline Partner, Croner will tell you what approach you should take.

Logos: “Dotting the I’s and finishing the P’s”

Intellectual property (IP) is a blanket term under which falls a number of IP rights, these rights traditionally include copyright, designs, trade marks and patents. Usually these rights have some form of overlap, they work with each other to give the creator of the work protection against copying and, most importantly, value as IP is an asset which can be sold or licensed. Logos are a good example of how these IP rights come together. In this article, the MIA’s trusted intellectual property partner, Briffa, explain the steps you should take when creating a new logo.

Dealing with an increase in job applicants

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the number of people looking for work is increasing. If you’re hiring, you may find yourself with more applications than usual. Finding the perfect candidate in these circumstances is difficult. So, what can you do? This article by the MIA’s trusted Business Support Helpline Partner, Croner, provides some useful tips.