Hal Leonard Europe launches Winter Savings Campaign for MI and Pro Audio


The busiest sales period of the year is fast approaching and MIA Member Hal Leonard Europe is doing all it can to ensure that dealers have good stock of the best and most sought-after products across musical instruments and pro audio. Retailers can take part in Hal Leonard Europe’s MI & Pro Audio Winter Savings promotion and benefit from extra discount and offers which will boost margin on a wide range of products!

 Graham Reader, Sales Manager MI & Pro Audio at Hal Leonard Europe says:

“With offers on brands including Avid, Samson, Flight, Hartke, Kali Audio, ROLI, Tycoon Percussion, Michael Kelly, Mighty Bright and more, these are some of the strongest promotions that we’ve ever been able to offer to the trade. We’ve made sure that there is something that can benefit every retailer, whether you’re a guitar store, general music store or a Hi-Tech dealer. Our brand list has grown substantially over the last 12 months, and we’re excited to present must-have products to MI and Pro Audio departments in stores across the country.”

 Click here to download a PDF containing details of the different Winter Savings or contact your HLE sales representative today to find out more.

All Hal Leonard Europe distribution centres continue to remain open for business as usual. Through our HLE Dealer Access  you can place orders online in just a few clicks, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can also use the website to check prices, discounts and stock availability, as well as browsing new products and catalogues online.

 For more information, contact the UK Sales team at trade.enquiries@halleonardeurope.com or 01284 705050.