Shops are shut – but what about teaching, studios and rehearsal spaces?


For those of you running music retail businesses, your shop will now be closed to the public. However, some of our members have had questions about the teaching, studios and rehearsal spaces that are part of their business. Here, we provide some clarity on these areas…


The Government have just released some more guidance on this. If you click this link –/ and scroll down to Section 1: ‘Stay At Home’ under ‘Education and Childcare’ the Government’s Statement says:

You can leave home for education (formal provision, rather than extracurricular classes such as music or drama tuition)

The Musicians’ Union are advising the following:

 Members who offer private tuition are advised to teach online, while music teaching in schools should continue as before.

We have had reports that local councils are interpreting the guidance in different ways, so we would strongly advice checking with your local authority in case of local interpretation.

The MIA and its partners are seeking further clarification on the full implications of the above, and we will of course keep you updated.

Here’s a useful guide from our friends and partners at The MU: What might lockdown mean for face-to-face teachers in England.

Rehearsal Spaces & Studios

 The C-19 regulations published yesterday confirm that training, rehearsal and performances without an audience for broadcast or recording purposes can continue.

The relevant sections state:

Rehearsal and Live streaming

Regulation 16(1) does not prevent the use of—

(b) any premises used for the making of a film, television programme, audio programme or audio-visual advertisement;

(c) facilities for training by elite sportspersons, including stables, indoor gyms, fitness studios, and other indoor sports facilities, and any outdoor facilities for sport;

(d) indoor fitness and dance studios by professional dancers and choreographers;

(e) theatres and concert halls for— (i) training, (ii) rehearsal, or (iii) performance without an audience for broadcast or recording purposes.

The Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) has confirmed that rehearsals can continue, provided that the band or individual is working and that this work cannot be carried out at home. You can find out more about rehearsing during lockdown in The MU’s useful guide: What is and is not permitted

We hope this is helpful for now, we will of course keep you updated on any further guidance or developments.