Stentor factory celebrates 25 years

This November, MIA Member Stentor celebrates the 25th Anniversary of its factory, in the same year that the company marks 125 years since Stentor was established…

Stentor’s involvement in China dates back over 50 years but in November 1995 Michael Doughty made the unprecedented move of establishing a wholly owned foreign enterprise (WFOE) factory producing Violins, Violas, Cellos and Double basses in Taixing, China. Over the years the company has built up a worldwide reputation for consistently well made student instruments and today Stentor instruments are supplied throughout the world.

‘Over the years there have been many changes in China as the country has developed and modernized. At Stentor we have invested continuously in our factory and we are proud of the hard work and commitment of our team over these many years.

We also thank our customers in the UK and worldwide, many of whom will remember the opening of the Stentor factory in 1995.

Our Chinese business license was recently renewed for a further 25 years and we look forward to continued success in China.  The aim has remained the same throughout, to produce consistently good quality and affordable instruments.’

– Luke Doughty, Director of Stentor

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