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Here are some of the key industry news stories that we’ve brought you this week, in case you missed them…

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Here are this week’s key stories:

The importance of Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity: An interview with Fender’s EMEA Vice President of Marketing, Nieve Cavanagh

At the MIA, we know that equality, diversity and inclusivity are fundamental to a successful musical instrument industry.

A diverse workforce means more innovation and creativity for MI businesses. The people that we’re lucky enough to have in our workforces drive the success of the industry. Working with people from different backgrounds with different life experiences and skills enable the team dynamics that lead to ground-breaking ideas.

With this in mind, our General Manager Alice Monk was delighted to interview Nieve Cavanagh, who is Fender’s Vice President of Marketing for Europe, Middle East and Africa.

MIA announces new leadership alongside industry consultation 

2020 has presented substantial challenges to the music industry and our members. Whilst the full impact of the COVID pandemic is still unknown, it is safe to say the MI Industry will look and behave differently in the future.

The MIA Board has recognised that the organisation will face new challenges as a result, and must adapt and evolve accordingly. Fundamental to this is the need to operate with transparency and remain relevant as we consider matters such as inclusivity, sustainability and education, as well as the commercial reality of Brexit.

Read more about the new leadership at the MIA at the link above.

Music By Numbers: new data by UK Music includes figures from the musical instrument industry

The MIA were delighted to work with our members to gather data to contribute to UK Music’s Annual Music By Numbers report, which reveals the key role that music plays in the economy. This year, the data includes a ‘Music Retail’ section, covering musical instrument sales for the second year running.

A systematic literature review of studies surrounding singing and brass, woodwind and bagpipe playing during COVID

The current COVID-19 situation has resulted in widespread concern and considerable uncertainty relating to the position of musical performance and in particular potential risks associated with singing and brass, woodwind and bagpipe playing. There is a wide range of advice and guidance available but it is important that any guidance given should be evidence-based and the sources of this evidence should be known. The Music Education Partnership Group Scotland’s literature review gathers information that provides guidance for performance practice.