A Year in MI Retail: Handel Pianos

We have asked a range of retailers 3 key questions to find out about their experience of 2020. Today, Alice talks to Chris Lovell of  Handel Pianos – a family owned business based in Ascot, who are proud to supply a huge range of expertly restored second-hand and new pianos.

A: To say 2020 was a difficult year in Retail would be an understatement, what was the one single challenge that stands out the most?

C: Keeping up to date with guidance, and morally doing the right thing, whilst keeping the business and sales flowing.

A: Of the ways you changed how you run your business, which one has been the most fundamental?

C: Running an appointment based diary for our customers visits.

A: What do you feel is the biggest opportunity for your business in 2021?

C: The growth in Adult beginners and those coming back to playing after many years, due to their increase of leisure time working from home.


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