Blackstar release carry-on travel guitar


MIA Member Blackstar announce the premium take-anywhere travel guitar that plays and feels like a full-size electric: now play time is any time!

The Carry-on travel guitar is a portable travel-sized guitars that plays and feels like a serious full-sized instrument. Constructed using single piece Okoume bodies and necks and featuring a coil-splittable mini humbucker, the Carry-On travel guitars combine true tone and feel beyond their size. The guitar is supplied with either an award-winning amPlug 2 FLY Guitar headphone amp in the Carry-On Standard pack or an award-winning FLY 3 Bluetooth mini amp with the Carry-On Deluxe pack. Getting great tone on the go is now available to all travelling guitarists.

The 60 Second Story: 

  • Compact size electric guitar that retains all the playability and feel of a full-size electric guitar.
  • The finest materials are used throughout like the single piece Okoume body and neck with a set neck construction.
  • String through body design for excellent sustain and stable tuning.
  • Amazing tonal versatility from the coil-splittable mini humbucker.
  • 1:14 ratio sealed tuners make tuning easy and stable.
  • Every guitar has a premium finish including binding around the body and a 3-ply scratchplate.
  • Available as Standard or Deluxe packs that include all the accessories you need when you’re on the go.

Top 3 Call-outs:

  • Compact size guitar, that plays and feels like a full-size electric guitar.
  • Premium set-neck construction with a single-piece Okoume body and neck to let the guitar reverberate freely and evenly.
  • Stunning tone and versatility from the string-through body design and coil-splittable mini humbucker pickup.

Insider Information:

  • The Carry-on travel guitar was designed in the UK by Blackstar in association with the master luthiers at Gordon Smith Guitars UK.
  • Using a single billet of wood for the body and neck means that the grain will be an even match across the instrument and allows the guitar to reverberate freely and evenly – a glue join would have been a barrier to reverberation.
  • The body and neck are made from single prices of Okoume, a bright, lightweight tonewood with a more open grain than mahogany.
  • Using 12-54 string gauges creates the tension and feel of a full size electric guitar.